May 13


The Beginning…

Are you there God it’s me Margaret?…My favourite book growing up in the ’70s,..a classic! My niece Gillian has enjoyed it as of recent years later. Life was easy simple then. I remember wishing I could get my period, just like Margaret. Omg, we don’t know what we don’t know, ugh! Now at 54, grateful I don’t have that issue.

Never ever did I think I would be writing a blog about my life!!!

Isn’t it interesting how we can lie in bed at night and think about things and worry about them, and a lot of them never happen! My Mother, oh how I miss her. She used to say Toddy “You can’t saw, sawdust”. Wise Mother I had.. .xo. As we can do sometimes, we may not take our parent’s advice. Last night I wrote my book in bed in my head, worrying about what I was going to say. Then I finally said “Faith over Fear” that it will come to me.

One thing I know for sure if we are open to signs from the universe they are there for us. Before I sat here to share, I thought I’m going to get inspired by new theme song Johnny Reid…. “Today I’m going to change the World”. Crazy it popped up on my Youtube feed! I had listened to other things daily there but not this song. Well, front and center it was there.

Another thing that happened that told me I was on the right path was the making of this website.  I asked my friend, Angela Sladen if she could build me this website.  Since she knows me and my personality so well I told her she could do whatever she wanted.  She created the banner with the hands holding the world without knowing anything about the song.  It was the perfect fit!  She also chose pink as my brand color, and I LOVE pink!

411…….a little opening to the beginnings of my life so you can slowly get to know me…more to follow in the future. My incredible Mother gave birth to be at a young age back in the mid 60’s when teenage pregnancies were swept under the rug for no one to know. People worried about what others would think about young women getting pregnant out of wedlock.

My spectacular grandparents said they will raise me. My Mom left to another city to become an X-Ray Technician. There, she met who would later be my awesome Father. Anytime I would see them, I was told they are my Aunt and Uncle. Around age 5 they moved back to my hometown Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.

One weekend I went to spend the weekend with my Auntie (Mom) and Uncle (New Dad). Apparently that weekend I became very happy to learn they were my parents. I guess I was also very happy to learn that who I thought was my parents, were actually my grandparents. I was happy to have grandparents who were as excited as I was – as was told to me in later years.

Forward about 10 years later, I was about 16 and my mother had been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis a few years previous. There is much more to share in future blogs of what changes here to lead to addictions. My full-on crazy, closet eating, heavy-duty food addiction.

Till we meet again,

Remember ‘Peace begins with Me – Peace begins with you, too”

Health and Happiness xox

Have a great day, by helping others!


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