June 29


What Brought Me to Where I am Today…

What brought me here to where I am today?
I have more to share from the middle of my life, but I want to finish here. Right now…so you know right now, how am I going to help serve beautiful you?
Even though I had many struggles in my life I can truly now see them as blessings to be able to get where I am today. They’ve made me stronger.
I am very grateful and thankful that I made the choice to stay on this earth because there are many days I wish I wasn’t.
I am so thankful that I am graced to be able to breathe today; it truly is a blessing and we are not guaranteed another day.
My higher power has allowed me to be on the planet and I am still very grateful.
I choose to do better every day and now I am here to serve others through the lessons I’ve learned as I lived through my struggles and addictions.
My goal today is to give hope to others by showing them how, in my 50’s, I was able to turn that around.
I want to take your hand and help you see, and change, your daily choices. I want you to see the VIP that already exists inside of you.
I have a health system that makes choices easier.
I am compassionate and love connecting so I can help you see the beautiful you!
I know if you allow me to, you’ll be able to see where I have been, where I’ve gone, what I have done and through that, you’ll be able to see how I can serve you.
I will help you change your thinking. 
Your thoughts to choose better foods. 
My VIP advice and solutions are simple! 
It’s going to be a daily reminder to love yourself so I can help you find the VIP that already exists in you.
I will help guide you to start adoring the person you are.
I am very grateful and thankful that we will be able to share space together and help you find your transformation.

Here to serve you,


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